5 Reasons to Take a Career Break

Reset, rebalance, and discover what a career break could do for you.

A career break might seem like it will damage your career, but in fact, it can help make you a more desirable job candidate. Career-wise, a break could help you enhance your skill set, find motivation, or even set you off on a whole new path.

The number of people taking career breaks around the globe is increasing every second and there are plenty of reasons why; from mental health, to learning a new language, to simply traveling the world.

Here are 5 reasons why think you should take a career break.

1- Travel the world

Did you sacrifice travel for the sake of your career? Taking a career break can be your chance of taking the trips you dreamed of but never got a chance to take it.

Taking a break from a hectic everyday routine is the only way to travel with freedom.

Career break travel ideas could be as simple as taking a stroll in Central Park in New York, or adventurous hiking in the Himalayas in Nepal.

2- Pursue your passion

Working 40 hours or more a week leaves you little to no time to focus on activities you truly enjoy.

A career break gives you time to focus on your hobbies such as painting, reading your favorite book, or playing football.

3- Learn new skills

Utilize your career break to gain practical experience and a new skill that could help you get a promotion, transfer to a new role, or enter a whole new world of work opportunities.

For example, a paid job like teaching English could lead to a new role in training, teaching, or overseas work.

Experiences that push you outside of your comfort zone will set you up for success in whatever path you choose to pursue later.

4- Make an impact

Career break volunteering is a great opportunity to utilize your skills and labor to develop projects such as marine conservation, wildlife research, community development, or women’s empowerment.

Getting directly involved in these projects will help you gain insight into global issues along with useful actions we can take to address them.

5- Discover a new career

Stepping outside your comfort zone and starting a whole new career can be stressful. However, a career break volunteer program abroad can be your pathway to exploring a new career path. Volunteering is the ideal way to get a taste of different job possibilities.