What to do if you're ghosted after a job interview

Interviewing for a job can be a rewarding challenge in the process of getting a job. One of the interesting nuances of the interview process is understanding what happens after your interview and how to adapt to different communication contexts. For example, you might wonder what to do if you don't hear back from an interviewer after an interview, a situation commonly called "ghosting."

In this article, we will explain what steps you can take to prevent ghosting after a job interview

Consider using these ideas to help if you have experienced ghosting in the interview process:

Follow up immediately

Following up with your hiring manager can be an important way to remain in contact with the company and make a good impression of your communication skills. You may send an email to thank your interviewer for their time and refer to a specific detail or two from your conversation. If it is appropriate to do so, you might make a phone call to follow up as well. Some applicants find that following up once or twice is more effective than doing so more times.

Wait for a while

The hiring process for a given position might take longer than expected. This happens due to multiple reasons, including the company receiving a significant influx of applications, internal personnel matters, or a busy schedule for the hiring team. You need to wait a bit longer in case you receive communication from the recruiter.

Find alternative ways to reach out

If you followed up via call or email without a response, consider contacting the hiring manager through a professional networking site. Try to focus on professional networking sites, rather than personal ones, if it is standard for your industry.

Practice Interviewing

Another good way to recover from the experience of being ghosted is by practicing interviewing. Some interviewees might feel an impact on their confidence level when they don't hear back from an interviewer or recruiter, so practicing interview questions can remind you of your abilities and qualifications, and boost your confidence level as a whole.

Focus on the next role

Seek additional roles with confidence and determination. Although you may have been ghosted by one interviewer, you may find a positive experience with another recruiter. Invest your time and energy in new opportunities and continue making career progress.